Legacy Contact Enhancement

Enhancing Legacy Contact, a feature that lets users share account and data access after their death.
Check out the existing Legacy Contact feature on Apple devices today.
If you go to your Apple ID account in your iPhone settings, to Password & Security, and then to Legacy Contact, you can add and manage your legacy contacts.
2 UX Writers
1 Design Manager
2 Project Managers
8 Product Designers


May - Sep 2022
I interned on the iCloud Human Interface Team as a product designer.
I collaborated with senior product designers, UX writers, producers, and engineers to enhance the existing Legacy Contact feature for Apple accounts, which lets users share account and data access after their death.

I can’t share details about the enhancement I worked on until launch, but message me at for more details about my experience and learnings.
Step back and provide context for stakeholders.
During my internship, I collaborated with directors, VPs, and the iCloud engineering team. I honed my ability to articulate the rationale and overarching vision behind my design choices, enabling stakeholders to grasp my thought process and offer constructive feedback.
Language greatly impacts the user experience.I collaborated closely with UX writers to refine the copy and content for my project. This experience equipped me with the knowledge of choosing the right words to guide users through their experiences, determining the optimal placement within the flow, and identifying the appropriate components to frame them.
Utilize existing components and patterns.Throughout my internship, I delved into the design systems and behaviors of iOS and macOS, leveraging existing elements to alleviate the need for users to construct new mental models.
Thank you to my team and so many others for giving me so many learning opportunities, especially at design reviews and cross-functional meetings!